Laravel Elixir: Cakewalk frontend build configuration

As a frontend developer, you would be accustomed to using task runners like grunt or gulp.

Task runner automate the usually tasks like concatenation, minification, trans-compiling etc. Chances are you even wrote the configuration files for your task runners. If you have written or seen such configuration, you would agree its a tedious task. Finding out which task to run and then configuring the input output directories and what not.

Recently i was exploring laravel and php, and for frontend automation the docs referred to –


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Why you should care about typescript?

Javascript is being used to develop apps which are getting more and more complex and run on device spanning from web, mobile to PCs. Javascript (as the name suggest) is a scripting language. This means it lacks the usual constructs used to structure large application like – modules, classes and interfaces.

Also without the love of static typing developers usually face long cryptic runtime errors which are hard to understand and debug.

“Enters TypeScript.”

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Data Visualisation on iOS

Data visualisation is an integral part of reporting and analytics apps.Data visualisation is a vast field ranging from simple Bar Charts to complex interactive 3D Hyper Graphs and Web Spheres.This article presents my findings on the current state of libraries and frameworks available on iOS.

Making Data visualisation can be as easy as calling a function with the data, to coding on Graphics level drawing with primitives such as points and lines. This article categorizes libraries on the level of abstraction they provide. Continue reading