Devstream | Journal – Initial designs

Ditched sketchapp for Adobe XD, even though pretty similar xd seemed fast and intuitive. Faced occasional crashes, NOTE to self – Save your documents more often.


Actually i think landing page in initial design process can help in getting more clarity.


Designed a decent logo

Onboarding screen

Pretty much a rip off of the landing page sections

Connect all streams



Profile and Interests.

If by any remote chance this seems intriguing let me know what you think about this.

Devstream – Journal

Bored with the current gig, the ick to start something where i can contribute significantly. Partially because of the fact that its been 3 yrs as a developer and i haven’t created something on my own, seems just wrong.


Love reading new things about tech, following n number of blogs is tedious.
What do i read?

  • Hackernews
  • Richer blogs ranging from – Ars technica, OmgUbuntu, Highscalability.
    • More Specific like – engineering blogs from tech companies.
  • Devrant
  • Stackoverflow
  • Github/Gitlab/(pick your scm site)

Yet another news feed aggregator. Fuck No!!

What can be done here?

  • Filtering through the noise, awesome content often gets missed.
  • Notification to events on these site are often very obfuscated or missing entirely. Maybe overdo it and add channels like pagerduty??
  • Recognize interests on general and deliver relevant content from all sources.
    Often content discovery happens by following people/tags, this setup is tedious on each of the sources and often not in sync.

Okay, So what is the aim here(if at all there is something)?

A single place to get relevant content as a developer, notified of all important stuff and follow topics at one place.

Getting into design a lot lately, so why not lets design this first.

Hope this doesn’t become another ghost-town project.

Designs Next >