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Whats new in Mysql 8.0

Mysql 8.0 was released a couple of months back, if you havent heard the news here is what it brings to the world.

MySQL 8.0 status. MySQL 8.0 is a development series not recommended for production use.For latest update see

Global Data Dictionary

Instead of maintaining the FRM, TRG.. files, MySql will use the global data dictionary to store table metadata. These will be cached in memory as data objects. There is a pragmatic difference between system table and data dictionary as the mysql blogs says

Data dictionary contains meta data needed to execute SQL queries while system tables contain auxiliary meta-data like timezone and help information.


Instead of remembering which user had the INSERT UPDATE privilege now MySql gives the ability to create roles. Roles are basically a group of privileges.
So you might want to create an analytics role and assign it to all users who only want read access. Certainly, should help DevOps, DBA guys.

Index Toggling

MySql now allows for making an index invisible, what invisibility signifies is that the MySql query optimizer wont consider that index in the query plan optimization. The primary use case here is to monitor query performance after making index invisible and then proceed as needed, as toggling index costs almost nothing.

Better UUID support

For long it has been considered a bad idea to make UUID as primary key And for good reasons. Mysql now adds UUID_TO_BIN, BIN_TO_UUID functions, these solve two problems

  • Increase space efficiency vs varchar(36)
  • The problem of innodb storing data by primary key order(by swapping the high time variant part to start

For more detailed changes refer MySql Blog or What new in MySql 8.0

This is the first blog in the HHYN(Have you heard the news) series.

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