All you need to know about HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is the largest change in Hyper text transfer protocol after almost 16 years. Being a major version upgrade from HTTP/1.1, there has been a lot of discussion around it.

HTTP/2 is a binary protocol highly inspired from Google’s SPDY, It brings improvements over older version of HTTP in terms of security(by proposing an explicit TLS profile) , speed and simplicity. HTTP/2 can be used both on TLS and TCP More details, but most browsers only support it over TLS.

Major additions in HTTP/2

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Getting Started with Unity Animations

Animations are a crucial part of any unity project. In this post we explore the various method of animating game objects in unity.

Most common ways to achieve animation in unity –

  • Animation View  – This allows you to view/edit animation inside unity and apply them on game objects.
  • Animator(Mecanims) – Animator allows user to define animation as a state machine. Transition between animation can be either scheduled or done programmatically.
  • External Modeling tools – Make animations in external tools and import them as asset in unity.(I am not going to talk about this much)

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