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How to develop a multiplayer game backend?

Custom Backend

Node.js and

To make a backend from scratch we would need to decide on the programming language and then any further supporting libraries which could potentially save our time by providing some abstraction.

Enters Node.js! Node is a good platform to write a game server due to its ability to handle large number of connection at a time. Its specifically made by keeping realtime applications in mind which handles much of our problems. For communication Socket.IO is a convienient library which provides realtime communication and graceful degradation of protocol starting from Websocket -> Flash socket -> Comet -> Polling.

Now we could start writing the server with the tech stack, but people have already solved some problems which appear while building such multiplayer backend. If we start from scratch we would be re-inventing the same stuff over again.


Enters Pomelo! Pomelo is node module which provides a framework for making multiplayer game backends.I’ll Soon be writing about how pomelo works and how we can write a simple application using it.

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