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How to develop a multiplayer game backend?



GameSparks provide both basic and multiplayer functionalities in a single package. It also has a elaborate web based gui which allows you to configure various options.

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  • Analytics – Allows tracking of various built-in metrics and monitoring events logged from client.
  • GamePlay – Configurator allows you to setup basic game patterns like Achievements and Virtual goods (Cross-platform). Another niceties of gamesparks is Teams- this allows you to define grouping among your user, a good example would be “clans”  and as you can have multiple type of teams you can have a total hierarchy.
  • Multiplayer 
    • Challenges – Allows you to setup room details like max players, start time, end time and leaderboard etc. One can also set if the challenge is turn-based.
    • Matches – Allows you to configure the match making criteria. Criteria can be set on player data.
  • Cloud Code – This is similar to playfab’s “cloud script”. These are scripts which are executed when the corresponding event is triggered.
  • Test Harness – This is a test playground where you can setup a environment and simulate event triggers , this is a good way to check your flow before you dive into code.
  • Other FeaturesMessages(Pre-configured and custom), Binary data management for the downloadable stuff,  major social integration and a Db visualizer for querying and modifying data.

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