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How to develop a multiplayer game backend?

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Playfab provides basic functionalities out of the box to game developers . Features like – authentication & authorisation, social leaderboard and notifications can be achieved without writing any server side code. Playfab provides a web based dashboard – Game Manager, where you can configure your game and see analytics event.

Game Manger Dashboard Playfab - Game Manager view

  • Analytics – Allows tracking of various built-in metrics and monitoring events logged from client.
  • In-game economy – Add in-game currency and items in your game. Playfab provides common patterns like initial deposit, daily recharge rates etc for handling the economics of your game.
  • Player Management -A web interface to keep track and modify player data, even the ability to block players.
  • Server
    • Cloud Script – This is where you write all of your code in Javascript. These cloud scripts are executed on occurence of specific event. The gui comes with a collabration and version control system, but you might be better off using something like a Github(supported via a Add-on).
    • Builds – You can provide builds in form exe which then can be used on playfab servers.
  • Add-Ons  – This is playfab’s marketplace which hosts many plugins from categories ranging from Analytics to Monetizations.
  • Settings – Place to grab you Api keys, and assign permissions for access to specific section of game manager to your developers.

General Comments – Playfab has been for while compared to other Baas and there integration with photon makes a complete multiplayer package.

Compatible with Clients

Photon is a well known networking engine and multiplayer platform. It has provision for turn-based as well as realtime multiplayer game. It has managed to be in top-10 free on unity asset store for a long time. Photon can be used as both cloud or self-hosted  mode.

With Photon cloud using photon-client api programmers can easily build there game with functionalities like room creation and joining given by the library out of the box. It also has common features like broadcast and RPCs. Photon cloud doesnt give an option to directly put code on the server but provides web-hooks and events which could be captured in a service like playfab or by your custom backend.

With Photon Server you get all the features of photon cloud, but still have all the flexibility to modify server side code for custom behavior.

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