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How to develop a multiplayer game backend?

Multiplayer games need a backend for tasks like communication between clients,  setting up of rooms, match-making etc.

In this post we take a look at popular Baas setup and also explore how to get started on making a custom  backend?


BaaS – Backend as a Service

These tools out of the box provides basic features needed by almost all multiplayer games. Baas can get you up & running fast by saving a lot of time otherwise spent writing and managing a backend –

Not only they provide Multiplayer Functionalities –

  • Room creation and matchmaking
  • Turn-Based or Realtime Multiplayer game pattern
  • Communication between players inside room, generally through RPCs

They also provide Basic Functionalities needed by your game-

  • Authentication and Authorisation
  • Social Leaderboard
  • Catalog management and In-Game currency(including IAP)
  • Persistence layer usually a No-SQL DB

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